Daily Ritual

The word “Jagannath” literary means the Lord of the universe. He is also “Devadhideva” (Lord of Lords) and “Rajadhiraj” (King of Kings). He is Purushottam – the supreme purusha. The daily/periodical rituals are being performed in his service and worship since the time immemorial, bear the dignity and grandeour which a supreme person is entitted to the details of rituals have been specified in certain texts in Sanskrit and Oriya. Neeti or ritual signifies a particular type of religious rite.

Ritual Times

Dwraphita & Mangala Alati

6:30 AM

Abakash Niti

7:00 AM

Bala Bhoga

9:00 AM

Arrna Bhoga


Diba Pahada

Mandir Door Shut – 1:30 PM

Mandir Re -Open

4:30 PM

Sandhya Arati

7:00 PM

Ratra Dhup

9:30 PM

Mandir Door Close

10:00 PM