About Us

Way back in the year 2005 we  dreamt of  establishing a Temple of CHATURDHA  MURTI- LORD JAGANNATHA, LORD BALABHADRA, MAA SUBHADRA AND CHAKRA SUDARSHAN and by the grace of Lord, our DREAM TODAY IS FULFILLED.

The Name Maharashtra Oriya Welfare Association , shortly known as  MOWA,  was first conceived  in  the month of May, 1998 by none other than  a Team of 17 people  headed by the present General Secretary, who was the then  Founder President of this Organisation.  The Organisation was  formed with a Membership Fee of Rs 100/- per member and got  registered under the Maharashtra Society’s Act and the Maharashtra Trust Act on 17th of May, 1998, the  registered office  being at Kalamboli. Navi Mumbai. 

The aim and objectives of the Organisation, initially  were  to look after the welfare of Odia people in and around  Mumbai by  celebrating festivals like  Ganesh Puja, Saraswati Puja, Budhei Usha, Raja, Deepawali, Holi  etc .  Then started various charitable activities  like distribution of books and stationery to poor students in  schools, Dharmasalas,  conducted Free medical camps in nearby villages,  provided financial help to poor and needy families, especially who suffered from chronic diseases like cancer, TB,  referred cancer patients  to Tata Hospital through Cancer Care Centres like JACAF, etc.  During the year 1999, when the devastating Super Cyclone hit entire State of Odisha, MOWA took active part and arranged clothes, food articles and even cash to help the affected people in Odisha .  Another major incident occurred on 26th July 2005 when devastating flood destroyed the entire area  in Navi Mumbai.   The members of MOWA and their families tirelessly worked day and night to cook food and distributed to about 500 families door to door in Kalamboli Town.     By this way, MOWA through its various programmes and charitable activities, has been trying to sustain and spread the essence of ODISSI CULTURE with sole aim to bring peace and harmony amongst the ODIAS.

In the year 2005, an application seeking allotment of a plot for construction of Shree Jagannatha Temple in Kalamboli was submitted to CIDCO, Govt of Maharashtra.  In the mean time, most of the members including the then President shifted their residences to the newly upcoming Township “KHARGHAR”.  In order to increase the membership of the organisation, more and more members were enrolled and in the process  some of the high Govt officials, both in service and retired, Executives namely  Sri Bhagwan H. Panda, Dr Ketan Gokhale, [I.R.S], Jagdish Joshi [I.A.S], B.C.Khatua [I.A.S] and others  joined the Organisation.  With their experience and expertise, the Memorandum of Association and Bye Laws of the organisation were redrafted with main objective  being  construction of Shree Jagannatha  Mandir in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.     The revised Bye Laws provided for a strong and experienced team of  10 TRUSTEES to manage the affairs of the Association.  Shri Bhagwan H. Panda, being the most influential member, was elected as a President to lead the organisation and myself was elected  as General Secretary, to assist him with my experience of having managed MOWA  from the year 1998 to 2006.

After an unanimous decision made amongst members of MOWA, a fresh  application for establishing Shree  Jagannatha Temple in Kharghar was submitted to CIDCO again.  The then Chairman & Managing Director , Sri G S Gill, I.A.S was instrumental in helping us  getting  a plot of 500 Sq Mtrs in Sector-5, Kharghar  in the year 2010.   A makeshift temple was built soon after the land was allotted to MOWA and deities of  Lord Shree Jagannatha, Lord Balabhadra , Maa Subhadra with  Chakra Sudarshan [Chaturdha Murti] were brought from Bhubaneswar and   Pran Pratistha of Deities was done on 23rd January, 2011 by eminent Pandits from PURI.  A  Miracle was witnessed by all devotees who were present on Debasnana Purnima.

Miracle : On Wednesday, 15th June, 2011, Debasnana Purnima, a snake suddenly appeared on the MUKUT of Lord Jagannatha and came down over the Idol and climbed over the Idol of Maa Subhadra, climbed upto Mukut,  came down and climbed over the idol of Lord Balabhadra upto Mukut,   Hundreds of people gathered for the function witnessed while Arati/Bhajan continued  in the premises.  The process of climging up and down on idols continued and after about 5 minutes,  the snake came down, walked about two meters and disappeared from the site.  IS IT NOT THE KARISHMA OF THE LORD?

While celebration of usual festivals like Ganesh Puja, Saraswati Puja etc continued like previous years,  new festivals like Janmastami, Maha Sivaratri, Kartik Purnima, Makar Sankranti , Holi Kumar Purnima, Deepawali, Savitri, Raja Sankranti etc, were added to be celebrated in the premises of Shree Jagannatha Mandir as per demands of devotees. Besides, “Ratha Yatra” being main function of the Lord, was celebrated in the month of ASAD.   Thousands of devotees from nook and corner of not only Navi Mumbai but also  greater Mumbai, participated  to pull the Chariot [Ratha] of the Lord during Ratha Yatra and enjoyed the variety of entertainment and cultural programmes daily evening followed by PRASAD SEVAN  free of cost which are arranged by the temple administration.

To enable the Devotees to fulfil their social needs ,  various facilities were introduced in the Mandir such as  celebration of  Marriage, Brata, Birthday parties,  Marriage Day celebration, and Satyanarayan Puja etc.  During the course of celebrations, devotees who opt to have food are provided with  Cooked food with allowable items  at a reasonable cost. Besides, temple administration also provided  pujari for puja at the devotee’s residence on demand.     The facilities provided to devotees attracted  devotees in  large numbers and the source of income from  food, celebration of various functions and Hundi,  enabled us to meet the  expenses of paying salaries to staff and over all maintenance of the temple.

While efforts continued to enrol more and more new members with revised Membership Fee of Rs 10,000/-  ,  efforts were also being made to  collect and accumulate donations for  construction of new temple.  With the grace of God, donations poured in and  as soon as the  balance in the Bank swelled to  Rs  50 Lakhs, construction of main temple commenced, with an aim  to complete the entire temple  in two phases.  Accordingly, Ground floor of the temple was constructed in the first phase, leaving  upper and main portion of the temple to be constructed in second phase,  because of the paucity of funds.

With an eye to accumulate about 1.5 crores to complete construction of  temple, devotees were approached to contribute whole heartedly for the noble cause and  thanks to thousands of donors, their contributions made us hopeful of further completing the construction.    A  team of 15 artists from  Vill: Mathura, Dist:  Ganjam , Odisha were called for and  were assigned the job of construction of temple with instructions to make it look as replica of Shree Jagannatha Mandir at Puri.   The Architect M/S Dimesnions provided us the drawings free of cost and helped us getting the same approved by CIDCO and accordingly, work of second phase of   main temple  commenced in the month of March, 2016.

With the funds as donations poured in, the construction work thereafter never stopped till completion and the excellent work of the artists because of their expertise, has made us proud to have such a beautiful  Jagannatha Temple in Kharghar. The temple today is complete in all respects and is ready for Inauguartion in the hands of Hon’ble Gajapati Maharaja, Sri Dibyasingha Deb of Puri.

The facilities made available in Mandir to the members and public for a consideration are as follows;-

1]        “Anna Bhog”  as Prasad  [ Daily ] prepared and served to persons for an amount fixed time to time.

2]        Ceremonies like Marriage/Thread Ceremony/Anniversaries/Birthdays are allowed in the premises for a minimal charges.  Food also is arranged for the interested parties for which certain amount according to Menu chosen, is charged.

3]        “Vehicle Puja” of both Four wheelers and Two wheelers for a price.

4]        “Shradha” ceremony is carried out during whole of the year, including “Pitru Paksha”

5]        An outlet is available in the Mandir premises where the puja items and fruits can be had  at a reasonable price.

The Trustees and Managing  Committee took all possible steps in transparent manner and were able to complete the Mandir in about 7 years, [2011-2018] It was the devotees who helped us achieve the goal, for which I thank every one for their whole hearted contribution towards this Noble Cause.

The PRATISTHA MAHOSTAV is scheduled between 15th and  18th  July, 2018, and theInaugurator will be Gajapati Maharaja of Puri.  The present Idols of Lords will be shifted to Ratna Singhasan on First Floor of the newly constructed Mandir.  The present timings of temple for public Darshan and Daily rituals as usual will continue .  Kindly visit the newly constructed beautiful temple of Lord Jagannatha and pray and be blessed by the Lord .

Having completed the construction, now the challenge remains ahead is to take care of day to day activities of the Mandir.  With completion of Mandir, we need to engage more Pujaris for puja as well as Prasad.  The present expenses towards salary to staff and daily prasad cost etc is  about 80 K per month which is likely to  increase to about 100 K per month.  To cater these expenses, we need constant income and for this we have yet to approach the devotee members and the public in general to generate funds.

An earnest appeal to all to have this in mind and help us accumulate funds in the best interest of the Mandir.


God Bless you all.

Jai Jagannatha!