Jagannath Sloka

Niladrau Sankha Madhe Sat.. Kamale Rama Singhasansibam Sarbalankara YuktamNabaghana Ruchiram Sanjuktam Chagrajena Bhadrayam Bamabhage Rathacharanajuram Bramhadarudra Banoyam Bedanam Saramekam Swajana Paribrutam Bramhadaru Smaraja

Shree Jagannatha Mandir managed by MOWA

By the Grace of God, MOWA (Maharashtra Oriya Welfare association. Regd ) got a Piece of land from Govt of Maharashtra  for setting of Lord Jagannatha Mandir , in  Sector -5, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai in the year 2010, a small Mandir was built and was solemnised in January 2011. All rituals are being carried out in consultation with the Puri pundits. MOWA always had in mind regarding setting up a Jagannatha Mandir with the required design and customary 22 steps known as BAISHI PAHACHA. With this thought the trustees and the managing committee of MOWA started the construction of the main temple in 2015. The temple is now ready for inauguration. MOWA has been taking advice from SRI MANDIRA, Puri from starting with regard to the day to day functioning of the Mandir. Honourable GAJAPATI MAHARAJA SRI DIBYA SINGHA DEB has now kindly finalised the date of the PRATISHTA MAHOTSAV as 18 July, 2018 which happens to be HERAPANCHAMI(during the RATHA YATRA FESTIVAL).

We wish to keep on record that with great difficulty and  also in spite of  paucity of funds MOWA could achieve its goal in setting of the Jagannatha mandir in the best interest of all Odiyas living in and around the island city of Navi Mumbai.

We thank Govt of Maharashtra, CIDCO and those who contributed financially, morally and through advisory means.

The main aim of MOWA, apart from setting up Jagannatha mandir , is to help the poor, organise the medical camps, distribute books to needy students etc.

We extend our cooridal invitation to you, your family and friends to participate in the “Jagannatha Mandir Pratistha Mahostav” and “Ratha Yatra 2018” and obtain the blessings of theLord.